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Just a Smile

Just a smile
not that much to ask
and if your heart has wings
its a simple little task

You might feel it in your fingers
maybe tingling in your toes
then soon you'll feel it spreading
there! just beneath your nose

Your eyes begin to twinkle
your cheeks turn rosy red
with happy thoughts, or warmth or love
all mingling in your head

Then you realize what you've done, you can't change it now
and you see your smile reflected back as my own begins

As yours, it starts slow, just a slight
wrinkle, but soon its gaining steam
my eyes alight with your caring warmth
though they seem hazy, as in dream

As mine still grows, yours broadens too,
soon both are stretching near a mile
The world has changed, all by your act

You'd say "It was nothing"

Just a smile

© Aaron Wedemeyer

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