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Woman on the Beach

Feelings inside
are hard to ignore
when the one who
catches your eye
passes close by you

A small flame
that burns internally
a small thought
a whisper that dissapates
like smoke in the wind

A face seen in a dream
never thinking
never imagining
to see her in person

A warm smile
and flowing hair
shining as radiant as the sun

Inside I feel

Hurt too many times before
but they say
no one can hurt us
we let them

As she passes by
inside I hear
beautiful music
does she
hear it too?

Unsure of what to say
unsure if the chance
even exists

A flame that burns alone
is the most empty feeling
in the universe

When two fires are lit
A star is born
shining light down
forever more.

Thinking of you often
a picture lost
in the chaos of thought

Many roads have I travelled
and more
are yet to come

What ever happens
this time
If our paths do part

An image of you
at the beach
will always lie
deep within
my heart.

©1997 Erick Ritchie

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