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Another Day, Another Drama

This day, this week, this life .....
tell me, when is it going to end?
Oh, not the end of life .... just this life.

The tension, the traumas, the day-to-day stress.....
when is that going to end?
Ah, life without stress ... is that life?

I wouldn't know - I'd love to know!
don't think i'd recognize it, though.
I've never tried ... I'd love to try
I'd love to learn that lullabye.

But all I know is life with trauma,
full of tension... a real drama.
I've been told we only get
that which God feels a safe bet
to hand to us and so we must
carry it and earn the trust
that we've been given every day
and learn to get through day by day.

And so this life .... when will it stop?

Never, I hope .... how's that for a shock!

© Kimba 1998

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